Please Mind

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Please Mind
Living Arts of Tulsa
Saturday, September 20, 2014, 8pm

On Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Living Arts of Tulsa, artist, Marianne Evans-Lombe, will perform Please Mind as part of the event ‘Fragmented Lives’.

Please Mind is a live performance created as a response to events leading up to the artist’s son’s diagnosis of schizophrenia; the diagnosis itself; and subsequent events relating to the diagnosis.

‘Fragmented Lives’ is a poetry event with the theme of mental illness curated by Deborah Hunter.

Marianne Evans-Lombe
Please Mind – Live Performance
Project Description

On June 19, 2002, my son, Tarik, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was seventeen years old.

This story of my son, schizophrenia and the mental health system is told without words – in images and body language. The main imagery is that of the swallow – Roman symbol for a mother who lives with sorrow. The movements of my body come from a video tape I did of myself telling the story. I took movements my body made during the telling and turned them into a movement sequence. I created swallow drawings and filmed them and their corresponding shadows. The film will run during the performance. There will be moments of visual silence in which the only movement is that of my body, and moments in which the swallows and their shadows will intermittently interplay with my body; the surrounding walls, ceiling and floor; and replicas of cliff swallow nests that I created from clay.

The title of the piece is Please Mind, both a lament for my son’s mind and a sincere request that he comply with treatment.

Special gratitude goes to Alicia Chesser for the movement development and Rose McCraken for the film.

Photos: Rosa Evans-Lombe and Amy Ide

F* you, babies

F* you, babies

Baby #4 out of 6. The babies are done – famous last words. Janine is putting together the performance dialogue. We have collected amazing voices from amazing women, with more to come. We’ve been calling the project Calico Babies in delicate settings where we can’t call it its soul name, F* you, babies, but we need something better.

F* you, babies

F* you, babies

Baby #3 out of 6. I changed the quilt part of the project yesterday. Instead of building it out of plastic bags, I decided to project the mosaic mama and re-draw it onto white plastic, experimenting with scale. I am going to use a black and white palette for contrast, since the work will survive in photographs. Today, I am ironing the last of the babies that I washed.

F* you, babies

F* you, babies

This is baby #1 out of 6. During the performance, these babies will be available for selection, alteration and attachment to the plastic bag ‘quilt’ made from Shanna Faulkenberry’s mosaic mama drawing. I had some trouble with the paint application and almost had to re-do 39 babies. I saved them by washing them in warm soapy water.

The performance Body Drawing III and the poem Body

The performance Body Drawing III and the poem Body

The poem “Body” is by Laura Lee Washburn and has been published in Prime Number Magazine, Issue 11. The artwork, titled Body Drawing III, is by Marianne Evans-Lombe. This project was put together by Tayler Klein to represent women writers and artists. It features Pittsburg State University students, faculty, and other affiliates.

Last night Laura and I each gave a lecture for Women’s History Month and Tayler was there. It made me want to post this fabulous project she put together. It is a series of 17.