This wolf


I write This wolf on the computer. Then I print out these words, cut them up by phrase or sentence, and paste them in a Wolf Journal.

This wolf, a novel about impossible love.

Your contribution of $5 or more contributes to this love being heard.

Wolf Journal
Cut paper words

F* you, babies – a mother’s book


F* you, babies is a mother’s book with pages of babies as text, where you push a button and a woman’s words play.

In progress.

Painted vinyl, wire, vinyl, paper, and thread on vinyl and acetate.


This wolf


From this wolf.

You came to me
one way
So honest I caught my breath
for the time it took you to
hand me your love
Your hands, your love, your contradictions, our stars, this wolf
In that order.

Your contribution of five dollars or more can help this story surface. Donate here and become an important part of This wolf.

This wolf
Graphite on paper

Paper Anatomy

Paper Anatomy

My oldest son has schizophrenia. Right after he was diagnosed I found a book on the brain at the Eureka Springs library book sale. I spent months drawing pieces and parts of the brain and then stuck the drawings into the book and forgot about them. Five years later, I found the drawings, handmade some paper, and created this series of 15.

The performance Body Drawing III and the poem Body

The performance Body Drawing III and the poem Body

The poem “Body” is by Laura Lee Washburn and has been published in Prime Number Magazine, Issue 11. The artwork, titled Body Drawing III, is by Marianne Evans-Lombe. This project was put together by Tayler Klein to represent women writers and artists. It features Pittsburg State University students, faculty, and other affiliates.

Last night Laura and I each gave a lecture for Women’s History Month and Tayler was there. It made me want to post this fabulous project she put together. It is a series of 17.