Travis, First Finish

Travis, Ulysses[9]Paint Version.JPG

Soon after Travis died, I adapted a version of my performance, Origin of Painting, for him. This performance was the first in a two year long series of projects to honor Travis. The original Travis image – in Origin of Painting for Travis –  was green and so were several of the other Travis images. I envisioned the Travis image for the new Ulysses Skate Park as green, too, with a pink heart to represent the pink heart Rosa drew for him after the Origin of Painting performance. My first try was fluorescent green spray paint. Paint tests revealed very quickly that fluorescent paint would not withstand Colorado sunlight. This led to a LOT of paint tests. This is the primered Travis image painted with BEHR MARQUEE Odyssey Semi-Gloss Enamel in Planet Green. The heart is the same paint in Sweet Chrysanthemum. After all that research, it didn’t work. The paint peeled and scratched too easily. “Back to the drawing board.”