This wolf


From This wolf.

This is an important moment. I remember that the man in front of me, the man whose image was on my camera, did not resemble ***. I did not know then that I had just met Balogun.

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For Balogun
Handmade paper, automotive wire, and hidden image

This wolf


From This wolf.

He said, When I search inside I can’t find myself.
He said, In the mirror I am not what I see.

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These wolves
Cut paper collage on handmade paper


This wolf

This wolf, GFM.jpg

I am a writing a book!

This wolf is a story about hands, stars, contradictions, and love – an undying and an impossible love.

I write this story from the depths and obstacles of a connection so deep it was bottomless.

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[Image: Handmade paper, automotive wire, and hidden images]



For South Dakota

For South Dakota ll

For South Dakota l

For South Dakota lll

For South Dakota was just accepted into the International Museum of Women exhibition, ‘Imagining Equality’.

I created For South Dakota in response to the 2006 proposed ban on all abortions in the state of South Dakota. I heard the ruling through news media and went directly and immediately to my studio. I had just given birth to my fourth child and I was mired in work and diapers and sleepless nights. For me, the ban was so personal. The enforced act of giving birth against one’s will is untenable and a giant crime. I was so overcome by the magnitude of this potentiality that I had no words. I felt the violence of being silenced – the silencing of the body – and the only way to regain my voice was to create this work. Women must always have access to abortion. All women, across time and space.

Equality exists in the spaces between compassion, awareness and access and becomes reality when your body can live there.

Paper Anatomy

Paper Anatomy

My oldest son has schizophrenia. Right after he was diagnosed I found a book on the brain at the Eureka Springs library book sale. I spent months drawing pieces and parts of the brain and then stuck the drawings into the book and forgot about them. Five years later, I found the drawings, handmade some paper, and created this series of 15.