Travis, Pre-Paint


This is the Travis image, pre-paint, for the new Ulysses Skate Park in Golden, Colorado. Metalsmith, Rachel Dazey, cut this tiny metal heart. The list of artists and craftspeople who contributed labor, technical advice, ideas, and love to this project is deep: Walt Delp, my ex-husband and the father of my beautiful daughters – we have a history of collaboration that bedrocks my career, Janet Lewis, the artist I go to EVERY time I want the truth about my work and process, Amy Shapley, researcher extraordinaire and idea Queen, Rachel Dazey, she stepped up with gorgeous generosity and skill, Dante’ Ivy, his heart got mixed up with the Travis heart fast, Meredith Moody, the sweetest and most informative sister on the planet, and Travis, my ancestor, lighting the whole wide way.

Travis, Steel

Travis, Ulysses[6].JPG

This is the Travis image -pre-sandblasting and paint and without the heart – for the new Ulysses Skate Park in Golden, Colorado. Two holes will be drilled into one of the concrete skate elements in the park and filled with epoxy. The posts on the back of the Travis image will be inserted into the epoxy-filled holes and the image will be permanently embedded in the concrete. The Travis image will rise slightly above the concrete.

Travis and a Plasma Cutter


My ex-husband taught me how to use a plasma cutter. It is very similar to drawing – as is welding. The ironic part for me is that I have to go slow, something I must remind myself to do. The first project I used a plasma cutter for was Travis’ ashes container. My sister – his mother and my niece – his sister asked me to create one and I said yes, even though I had no idea how to do so. The result was Jose angels for Travis.

The Travis image for the new Ulysses Skate Park was originally to be a tile and I wasn’t supposed to create it. I did the design and it was to be executed by a tile maker. When that didn’t go forward my ex-husband and I, as we did on the ashes container, brainstormed technical options and then collaborated on a Travis image to be cut out of metal with a plasma cutter. Here I am in his shop.

Travis and Ulysses Skate Park


Travis was an avid skateboarder before he died. It’s hard to picture him without a board in his hand. On March 28, 2015, the second anniversary of his death, my sister – his mother, my daughter, and I pasted this Travis image in Ulysses Skate Park in Golden, Colorado where Travis grew up skating. From this image, and the entire Memorials for Travis project, came an opportunity for me to create a permanent image to be embedded in the new Ulysses Skate Park being built right now on the spot of the old one.

Memorials for Travis

Travis for Colorado[1]

This is the Travis image for Colorado. There are six spots that I will paste this image: the same spots he pasted Joses with me before he died, plus one on the trip out there – looking out over the Kansas prairie at the windmills – and one at his memorial site across the street from his mother’s house. Rosa drew the pink heart, just as she did on the Travis image at the memorial performance of Origin of Painting we did for him right after he died. I love full circles – when things come around and around. A precious circle was broken when Travis died but – image by image – this work is mending it.

Rosa and I, together in Finland

As part of my project, I love Jose, I created Joses and I and others have pasted them all over the world – including Finland. As part of Memorials for Travis, I created Travises and I and others have pasted them. On the second anniversary of Travis’ death, I am going to travel to Colorado and re-trace the steps he and I took to paste Joses together, pasting Travises in those same spots. The first two weeks of October, I am traveling to Finland, Iceland and Estonia. I am not traveling with my nine year old daughter and in her honor I am going to paste these images of her. Nine Rosas – one for each of her years so far on the planet. I’ll paste the Rosas, photograph them and email the photographs to her – so she knows she is with me wherever I go.