Travis, Final


This is the final Travis image for Ulysses Skate Park in Golden, Colorado. Travis grew up skating in the old Ulysses Skate Park and his image will grace the new one. Skate Forever, Trav-a-lav. I love you.

Travis, GILDERS paste


Creating this image of Travis out of metal and finding a finish for it that would withstand being outdoors and under the Colorado sun was completely out of my comfort zone. For one, I got a D in metalsmithing in art school. Metal never does what I want it to do, or even what I imagine it is going to do. Metal is for the Janet Lewises and Rachel Dazeys of the world – badass women who work with it in their studios every day and bend it to their will. Me? I’m in love with paper. You see the difference.

I’m not a painter, either. I use paint in my work but I’m not versed in it. I don’t love color. Amy Shapley does though and she led me to GILDERS paste. GILDERS paste is a wax based medium you can apply with your fingers. It’s gorgeous. It’s fine outdoors. And it’s formulated to be UV resistant with a clear coat. I applied a color called Patina – an aged copper tone – to the Travis image. I hope it lasts 100 years.