Arbol ahorcado (The Hanged Tree)

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Arbol ahorcado (The Hanged Tree)
Saturday, January 3, 2015, 4pm
St Aidan’s Episcopal Church, 4045 North Cincinnati
Tulsa, OK

Arbol ahorcado (The Hanged Tree) is a performance created by artist Marianne Evans-Lombe to honor a promise she made in Ciudad Bolivar, Bogota – Colombia. The promise was to return to the U.S. and tell a story from Colombia.

The story is about a tree in Ciudad Bolivar, a tree where someone was
hanged to intimidate a barrio. The barrio has re-claimed itself; is home to
a healthy, vibrant neighborhood, full of services for its community members. But there, still, sits that tree. Arbol ahorcado (The Hanged Tree) was created to both preserve the cultural memory of the tragedy that took place there and as a visual symbol of the barrio’s transformation.

Please join Marianne at St Aidan’s Episcopal Church in North Tulsa, Saturday,
January 3, 2015 at 4pm
, to bear witness to a story from Colombia that applies to our culture as well.

Panel Discussion
Sunday, January 4, 2015, noon
St Aidan’s Episcopal Church, 4045 North Cincinnati
Tulsa, OK

There will be a panel discussion at St Aidan’s on Sunday, January, 4, 2015 at noon. The panel will follow the 11am church service. The panel will discuss the performance, any issues it brings up, how it relates to issues in Tulsa – especially those of racism, issues in Colombia, lynching, Transforming Hate, etc.

Panel Participants:

Marianne Evans-Lombe, Visual Performance Artist

Katie Knight, Artist and Curator of Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate

Malachi Muncy, Veteran and Paper Artist

Mia Wright, Poet and Educator

Transforming Hearts
Sunday, January 4, 2015, 1:30pm
St Aidan’s Episcopal Church, 4045 North Cincinnati
Tulsa, OK

There will be a paper workshop facilitated by Malachi Muncy at St Aidan’s on Sunday, January, 4, 2015 at 1:30pm. The workshop will follow the panel discussion. The audience is invited to participate. Participants will form sheets of paper from military uniforms used in Arbol ahorcado (The Hanged Tree) and pulp print images of the tree and hearts from the performance on these sheets.

I love Jose in Colombia

I love Jose in Colombia

When I lived in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I worked for a place called the Lane House. It was an after school arts program, but, mainly, it was a great, safe place for kids to hang out with artists and other creative adults. Centros de Desarrollo Adolescente y Juvenil Soacha is a similar place in Soacha – Cundinamarca, near Bogota, in Colombia.

I conducted an ‘I love Jose’ workshop there and this is a photograph from a lecture I gave on the paste-up part of the project. I – and others – have pasted Joses in different parts of the US and in different countries. The Jose in this photograph is the first Jose I pasted – on the 5th street wall in Pittsburg, Kansas exactly where Jose made his shadow for ‘Origin of Painting’ – the shadow image the whole ‘I love Jose’ project is based on. This image is a bridge between the two pieces, ‘I love Jose’ and ‘Origin of Painting’ and a bridge between the art of Jose’s life and that of his death.

Te extraño, mi gran amigo. Gracias por tu inspiración.

I love Jose in Finland

I love Jose in Finland

Johannes Kotkavirta is a good friend of mine. He lives in Helsinki, Finland. Three years ago, Johannes and I met in Bogota, Colombia. I was there with my ‘I love Jose’ project at Festival Ojo al Sancocho and Johannes and I pasted several Joses all around Bogota. When he returned home, I sent him several Joses to paste in Helsinki. He sent me photographs of three of them in April of 2012. Last week, he went back to one of the spots and found this Jose – still there.

F* you, babies

F* you, babies

Baby #4 out of 6. The babies are done – famous last words. Janine is putting together the performance dialogue. We have collected amazing voices from amazing women, with more to come. We’ve been calling the project Calico Babies in delicate settings where we can’t call it its soul name, F* you, babies, but we need something better.

F* you, babies

F* you, babies

Baby #3 out of 6. I changed the quilt part of the project yesterday. Instead of building it out of plastic bags, I decided to project the mosaic mama and re-draw it onto white plastic, experimenting with scale. I am going to use a black and white palette for contrast, since the work will survive in photographs. Today, I am ironing the last of the babies that I washed.