This wolf – eight tails, eight tales

This wolf[Wolf Tails2

This wolf is a love story.  This wolf tail is created out of electrical wire salvaged from his shop.

Travis, Pre-Paint


This is the Travis image, pre-paint, for the new Ulysses Skate Park in Golden, Colorado. Metalsmith, Rachel Dazey, cut this tiny metal heart. The list of artists and craftspeople who contributed labor, technical advice, ideas, and love to this project is deep: Walt Delp, my ex-husband and the father of my beautiful daughters – we have a history of collaboration that bedrocks my career, Janet Lewis, the artist I go to EVERY time I want the truth about my work and process, Amy Shapley, researcher extraordinaire and idea Queen, Rachel Dazey, she stepped up with gorgeous generosity and skill, Dante’ Ivy, his heart got mixed up with the Travis heart fast, Meredith Moody, the sweetest and most informative sister on the planet, and Travis, my ancestor, lighting the whole wide way.

Origin of Painting

Origin of Painting

This is part of the finished temporary mural from the Pittsburg, Kansas performance of ‘Origin of Painting’. The little black outlined figure is my daughter. Rosa. She is reaching her hand out to me; I am the yellow figure on her left. It is tradition for her to have her shadow traced in that spot for every performance.

Origin of Painting – Medellin, Antioquia – Colombia

Origin of Painting - Medellin, Antioquia - Colombia

This is ‘Origin of Painting’ in Medellin, Antioquia in Colombia. Medellin is much more than its reputation. I saw the best libraries in Colombia in Medellin and a pretty amazing public transportation system that includes the Metro Cable: it takes riders up into the Andes in cable cars instead of buses.

Hoy, extrano Colombia

Hoy, extrano Colombia

This photograph was taken by my friend Cristian Rojas in Soacha, Colombia. It is part of my on-going art project, ‘I love Jose’. Cristian is doing wonderful work in Soacha under very difficult circumstances. I did some pretty wonderful work in Colombia too, and today I miss it. You can find more about the ‘I love Jose’ project at: