The Longest Day

The Longest Day was created and performed in solidarity with people affected by Alzheimer’s. I was given three stories – from a woman with Alzheimer’s, a daughter whose mother had Alzheimer’s, and a caretaker. The common feature of all these stories came to me as a vision of hands. Hands holding, hands caring, idle hands, busy hands. There was this direct line in one of the stories: “It seems if mother has something to do with her hands she is not as rude to me.” I created the performance around these words, my words, my hands, and the hands of those I love the most in this world.

I asked 14 of my people to send me a photo of their hands. I printed them 81/2 X 11 on ivory card stock and laminated them.

I wrote words about hands.

Prior to the performance, in view of the audience, I painted my hands in multiple colors with beautiful saturated watercolors.

For the performance, I stood on the laminated photos. I thought of these as a ‘hand bowl’ – my people holding me up. I stood still and performed with my hands. I said these words:
If her hands are busy there is more room for love.
If your hands are reaching there is more room for love.
If my hands are making there is more room for love.
If our hands are open there is more room for love.