Sisterspeak, Call for Submissions

Sisterspeak, Call for Submissions, Women and Language:

This January (2017) our theme will be Women and Language. We want to explore how language would look, feel, sound, etc. if women created the words, grammar, etc. of a language system. We are also interested in how women would use existing language differently.

We accept essays, poems, images and quotes; excerpts are also accepted. The pieces can be created, found, or both. The only requirement is that whatever you contribute pertains to the topic for that issue.

Please submit to Sisterspeak at

“Nushu is the secret script of women, used for hundreds of years in the rural village of Jiangyong in Hunan Province of China. Nushu is seeded in the language of illiterate women, women who were not allowed to go to school as late as the twentieth century. These whispered writings were passed on from mother to daughter and the closest of friends, ‘sworn sisters’, carefully guarded, written on the folds of paper fans, embroidered on handkerchiefs or written discreetly inside the slippers that bound their feet.” – Terry Tempest Williams, When Women Were Birds