F* you, babies – website update!


F* you, babies is a mother’s book.
In progress



F* you, babies – a mother’s book


F* you, babies is a mother’s book with pages of babies as text, where you push a button and a woman’s words play.

In progress.

Painted vinyl, wire, vinyl, paper, and thread on vinyl and acetate.


Baby Veilshroud

Baby Veilshroud

This is a photograph of the veilshroud layout for F* you, babies. You can’t see the entire span of the ‘wings’, but this does show the layout top to almost bottom. The babies ringed in white are paper cut-outs – babies that still need to be drawn and cut-out of the plastic shower curtain and then painted black. I have 104 done; 143 to go. I’ll make as many as I can this week and next week Lisa and I will start attaching them together.

Baby Chain

Baby Chain

With the help of Lisa Escobar, I am going to turn the babies into a veil. The babies will be sewn together; maybe through rivets; maybe attached to a clear plastic material first. I am going to wear the veil in a live performance that embodies the feelings of constraint and restraint that mark my experience of mothering my children. The main technical concerns will be the strength of the sewn-together babies – so that I can pull, stretch, etc. the veil; and the drape of the finished veil – how well does it hang and function as a piece of material.