Travis, GILDERS paste


Creating this image of Travis out of metal and finding a finish for it that would withstand being outdoors and under the Colorado sun was completely out of my comfort zone. For one, I got a D in metalsmithing in art school. Metal never does what I want it to do, or even what I imagine it is going to do. Metal is for the Janet Lewises and Rachel Dazeys of the world – badass women who work with it in their studios every day and bend it to their will. Me? I’m in love with paper. You see the difference.

I’m not a painter, either. I use paint in my work but I’m not versed in it. I don’t love color. Amy Shapley does though and she led me to GILDERS paste. GILDERS paste is a wax based medium you can apply with your fingers. It’s gorgeous. It’s fine outdoors. And it’s formulated to be UV resistant with a clear coat. I applied a color called Patina – an aged copper tone – to the Travis image. I hope it lasts 100 years.

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